Our pressure has worked. On 28 February, the Swiss Federal Council finally decided to adopt the EU sanctions against the Putin regime.

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Dear President of the Confederation Ignazio Cassis
Dear Federal Council

We are deeply saddened to witness a military attack by an authoritarian ruler on peace, international law and human rights. Our thoughts are with the people who are suffering as a result. We must stand up for them unconditionally. All actions of the Swiss government at this critical time must have only one objective: an immediate end to the Russian invasion.

Against this background, it leaves us stunned that the Federal Council decided not to fully join the EU sanctions against the Putin regime. As the most important commodity trading hub and major financial centre for Russian corporations and oligarchs, Switzerland must not stand on the sidelines. If Vladimir Putin and the Russian elite can continue to use our country to circumvent sanctions, peace will move even further away.

We cannot let that happen. We therefore appeal to you, the Federal Council: support the sanctions without any exemptions and take on your responsibility for peace in Europe in these crucial hours.

With concerned greetings,
Cédric Wermuth, Mattea Meyer
Co-Presidency of the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland

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